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Mythic Style was started in the Fall of 2010. What started as a flicker of an idea soon became a reality as we wanted to share the unique collections we personally enjoy.  Our design process starts with our creative minds putting pen to paper. We believe fashion is power, when you feel and look your best, you are the best. We've teamed up with top manufacturers to produce the highest quality goods that empower you to make each day your own. 


Many of the items we sell are made from Obsidian which started existence as molten material deep below the surface of the earth. In time humans discovered the jet black stone which became the raw material of preference for knives, arrowheads, spear points along with other weapons.  It also became widely used in jewelry due to its strong metaphysical properties associated with strength, prophecy, meditation and excellent healing properties.


With every piece of jewelry we sell, we're putting our reputation on the line and go the extra mile to find the most unique and brilliant designs just for you. Our huge selection is a testament to our innovation and the go hard or go home mentality that makes Mythic Style the leader in mythology based items. These are items you won't find anywhere else, the unique and compelling designs of each and every single piece showcases extraordinary craftsmanship and dedication to make our customers look their best.

Mythic Style, be legendary!